Sunday, January 1, 2012

Twice in One Day! - We've Moved!

Shortly after we arrived in New Castle, Delaware the President came and asked us to begin working in the office, doing finance and records work.  From that time until last month we have been driving back and forth from New Castle to Broomall, Pennsylvania (a distance of about 35 miles) that took about an hour each way.  A new couple was assigned to our mission, so the President took pity on us and asked us to move nearer to the office, so we did.  Here are some pictures of our new place.  You should have our new address by now.

It is called Newtown Towers, and our apartment has a great view.

It is really a lot quieter than our old place.  It used to be a retirement place, but now they have some younger people here, but most of the people we meet here are kind of our age.
One of the nicer things is that they have several grocery carts available for tenants to use.  It makes hauling groceries and other stuff much nicer.  It has one elevator for the whole building of 45 apartments, so we have to wait occasionally.
The buildings are mostly concrete construction, but they have covered the floors with wooden tile.  They require you to have 80 percent coverage of the floors with carpets of some kind,

So, look what we found in the basement of the Mission Home.  These two oriental rugs were just rolled up and unused.  They had at one time tried to get rid of them without much success.  This one is in our Living Room.

And this one is in our Bedroom.  They are really beautiful, and fairly well match our furniture.

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Janell said...

Congratulations on finishing your move! Looks like a great place and it will be so nice to be close to your office! Love the new posts!