Sunday, March 28, 2010

Well, here goes, we're actually going create a new post.
Now, you know, that we really don't know what we are doing here, but it is supposed to be a surprise for our kids who know all about this.
Debbie and Rex recently had a short wedding anniversary outing.
We went swimming at the West Valley pool, and then ate lunch at Jim's Restaurant. This is a place we've been many times and enjoy it for good old comfort food.
Next, we got on Trax at 4th south and Main and rode it to the planetarium stop and went to the Clark Planetarium. Here are some of the pictures we took there.

Then, after the planetarium we went back to the car on Trax and went to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. This was a real cool place, where we got to see all sorts of sea life. Unfortunately it was a little too dark there to get any good pictures.
After the planetarium we checked in at our Bed & Breakfast Inn, called the Castle Creek Inn. It is one of those places with only about 9 rooms, each with a different theme. We stayed in the Garden Suite, which is easily accessible on the ground floor. It has it's own fireplace, jetted tub, and 4-poster bed. Some pictures are here of the outside of the Inn and some room pictures.
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As you can see, it was a lovely place. After we checked in we went to dinner at the Macaroni Grill where we enjoyed a lovely Italian meal. After dinner we returned to our room and watched OUR movie "Somewhere in time."
Tuesday morning we were served a lovely breakfast in this garage turned dining room. And they even had a knight in shining armor standing guard in the hall.

All in all, it was a great getaway, and we've decided to make it a tradition. Not at the same place, but at a new hotel and new attractions. You oughta try it, it's fun.
Now, we wonder which of our children will be the first to see this post!